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What is
I Love You, Amen?


Our Community

I Love You, Amen is for people whose stories don't fit between the lines.


We are creators, artists, visionaries, grievers, and survivors. We are engaging grief and trauma through writing, activities, and deep conversation


We are doing the work to unlock our magic and create miracles - and learning to accept ourselves and each other in the process.

About the Founder

Hi! I'm Katie. 

I'm the founder of I Love You, Amen, and the creator of On My Way. I'm a survivor of sexual assault and have experienced the grief of losing my dad to cancer. I've been using a journal to figure out what I think and process my feelings since I was a little girl. As I got older, my journaling practice became my therapy and prayer. A few years ago, I realized that almost every entry ended with a note of gratitude followed by the phrase, I love you, amen.


Creatively engaging my life through journaling, writing, fashion, and design has helped me survive. Connecting with other survivors has shown me that the depth of our experience doesn't have to mean we live in eternal darkness. We each hold powerful light within us, and I want to learn together about the power of both our light and our darkness.


Whether you're feeling lost in the galaxies of grief or trauma, or wanting to explore your light, you are welcome here.

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