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About On My Way

For People Whose Stories Don't Fit Between the Lines

Most of us here can probably name significant losses we’ve faced in just the last two years, and we are not alone in that struggle.


Women are expected to be natural healers and communicators, but many of the resources geared toward women leave us feeling like our stories need to be cleaned up before they can be shared.


We are offered lined pages, subdued tones, and shallow platitudes to cope with our real, heavy feelings and thoughts.


What would it look like if we had a resource that let us explore our grief and trauma more deeply?


How would it feel to have a journal that also acted as a scrapbook of sorts - something to hold the whole mess of our experience?


On My Way is a guided journal for women and femmes experiencing grief and trauma. Packed with deep writing prompts, creative activities, and resources, On My Way offers a non-judgmental listening post and guide through our darkest seasons.


After using creative journaling to find my way through sexual assault, rape, and the loss of my dad, I created On My Way to give women a way to help themselves and support each other.


I’m partnering with Wise Ink Publisher in Minneapolis to bring On My Way to life at the beginning of 2023 -


Will you join the movement to make space for a deeper, more creative conversation around grief and trauma?

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