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What is Your Magic?

A few years ago, I was feeling stuck in my career. I had a couple of opportunities laid out before me - I was recently certified as an interior design specialist for the furniture store I was working at, and I had just been accepted to a Master's program studying education.

I felt called to both paths for different reasons - I wanted to study and teach English as a Second Language because I love working with teenagers and had great experiences working with English language learning when I was substitute teaching. One of my life goals was also to be an interior designer - I loved the creativity and had dreamed since I was a little girl of helping people feel more at home in their space.

A friend of mine had told me about a great conversation she had with a psychic medium, so I wondered if he would be able to help me discern my path. I set up a phone call with him, but I was skeptical - was this just a waste of my hard-earned money? What could he tell me that I didn't already know?

In preparation for the meeting, I answered a few questions - I told him I was discerning a change in my career and wanted to discuss my options.

A few minutes into our conversation, the medium interrupted me explaining my discernment to tell me that there was a 'strong male figure' who was trying to tell me something and asked who that might be.

My dad had died a couple of years earlier, and I started weeping at the thought that he might be wanting to tell me something. I hadn't even considered that this might be a chance for us to connect.

The medium started relaying specific messages not just to me, but to our entire family. The details and mannerisms were so accurate that I had no doubt there was a message being shared that I needed to hear. He asked if there was a path I hadn't named yet, something else that was on my mind.

I felt unnaturally shy and quietly admitted: I guess I've also wondered about writing.

I could feel the energy of the conversation shift as the medium lit up with excitement. He told me that writing was my 'magic and my miracle' and that speaking my story would help teach and heal others.

We talked about the trauma I’ve experienced in my life, and the medium named that I could use the shit I’d been through as fertilizer to grow something new and beautiful. It would take work, but I would be surprised by how easy the work would seem if I allowed myself to write freely.

His biggest takeaway in guiding my discernment was to “write and see what happens”.

As someone who had used journaling to process my life for as long as I could remember, I knew that writing gave me a sense of liberation that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Even with that awareness, I had never considered that my writing could offer a tool for others to experience their own liberation.

I started writing differently that day. I wrote for hours. I wrote like my life depended on it.

By the end of that month, I had written over 100 pages of my story, and I knew the story was nowhere near complete. Still, the story I saw develop on those pages didn’t feel like what I was meant to share. The more I wrote, the more I wondered: What would the world look like if more women wrote out their stories? How would the world change if more women took the time to dive deep into their lives and all of the shit they’d been through if they had the chance to ‘just write and see what happens'?

For years before these questions started to surface, whenever my friends and family came to me with their own stories and questions and challenges, I always encouraged them to write through it. This advice was often met with hesitation: Where to start? And what to write about? How do I find words to process this? What if I’m not a very good writer? I don’t have time or privacy to write. I start writing and I get distracted. I don’t like the way my writing looks on paper. I can’t make those creative pages like you make in your journals. I’m not consistent enough to get anything out of it. I overthink it and don’t want to write anything down.

The medium had been specific with me about a few things: God/the universe was trying to heal me, but I had built up walls around my heart. I needed to stop being so hard on myself and so hard on God. He advised me to sit down and start doing it, not to worry about it, to just write with no filters.

How could I offer that freedom to other people who had built up walls around their hearts?

“On My Way” started as a way for me to unlock my own miracles. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and that writing led me to create a guided journal for women and people who identify with and as women. I want to provide resources that can help liberate people to deeply understand and accept themselves.

What is your magic? What events and practices have helped you discover it?

What is your miracle? Who has helped you identify it? How has it changed your life?

If you don’t know the answers, how can I help you find them?

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